Learn how To Reach
the Gay Community

Some Christians hesitate out of fear. Others may lack understanding of how to approach those in another lifestyle. How can we reach them for Christ?

In Reclaim The Rainbow, you will learn to identify and destroy the barriers between them and the gospel, along with practical tips for witnessing to those in the gay community. Read more below, or sign up for sneak peeks, special access, and to know when it becomes available.


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Reclaim and Restore

The Bible says that we are at war, but in today’s culture war, the church appears to be losing at every turn. The Enemy has successfully co-opted God’s promise that is symbolized by the rainbow, he has used it for his own purposes, and he appears to be getting away with it.

Those in the LGBT Community are not the enemy: they are the mission. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, so how exactly do we prepare for the battle? This book will give you the tools and resources you need to succeed in reaching those in the LGBT community and to see lives transformed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

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    Learn To Recognize Common Pitfalls

    Sometimes we unknowingly hinder our own outreach. Learn how to identify and remove common barriers between the LGBT Community and the Gospel.

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    Learn practical steps to reach out

    How should I respond to a friend who comes out? How can I love my gay co-worker without compromising truth or pushing them away? How should I respond to transgenders?

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    Learn How To Restore Wayward Loved Ones

    What about my child who has embraced a sinful life? How do I restore a damaged relationship after they are already gone? What can I do to redeem the past?

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