I aim to help my grandparents

My name is Tyler Joshua Agan, and aim to improve the quality of life for my mom’s parents. They spent their lives giving their time, money, and resources to help other people—they gave until it hurt, and now they need a helping hand. While I’m doing what I can, the goal is beyond my reach alone, and I could use your help.

Who I Am
And Why I'm Doing This

I am their oldest grandson. I currently work for a FinTech company, and have no spouse or children to care for. As a result, I spend my extra time and income to care for my grandparents as needed. Although I’m blessed with a fantastic job so that I can help at all, their present needs are still beyond my personal ability alone in a timely manner. I have stepped in to help where I can now, and  I would like to present the need they have, my plans to help, and how you might be able to lend a hand along the way.

Meet the Gazaways

These are my grandparents, Clifton and Mary Gazaway. They have been married for more than 50 years, raised 3 children together and now have 11 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson. Clifton served in the United States Air Force for years, and later served his communities as a postal worker in both South Carolina and North Dakota.

They spent more than a decade in North Dakota selflessly serving the local community and the Native American people groups, sharing the love of God and their genuine compassion for all people they met in need. Due to their health, however, they left North Dakota and moved back to the south.

Why They Need a Hand

When they left North Dakota due to their health, it was the best move for them at the time. She had a surgery which limited her mobility, and he had open heart surgery which limited his ability to help. Shoveling snow each winter (23+ hours from any family) simply was not an option any longer.

Fast forward several years to the present time. While her health seems fine for now, he has since suffered three strokes in relatively rapid succession. As a result of these repeated strokes, he has had a tracheostomy, a hospital bed delivered to their home, a feeding tube put in, and a strict diet of liquids for the last few months. My grandmother has taken the turn of events in stride, helping him with the new day to day tasks as if it were normal life.

She has also had to take over all other responsibilities in their lives as well. Their SUV is on its last leg, and she can often be seen topping off the leaking oil and checking transmission fluid before their trek to the doctor or church. They are currently upside down in their single wide home, which has busted windows, masking tape over the other windows, a leaking roof, and doors that do not shut well, affecting the energy bill each month.

I aim to change what I can change. I cannot fix his health, but with some help from others, I can provide a nicer car and a newer home for them to live in.

My Action Plan

I am helping my grandmother search for a newer SUV that will be reliable and economic for them to drive the distance to church, family, and doctors. She is currently sinking far too much money into repairs on their current vehicle. I have decided to pay for a used SUV to replace theirs, but I will need some assistance, being out of state.

I can afford to take on a payment for one around $15,000 or less.

Ways You Might Help:
• Connect me with a trustworthy seller/dealer in the Greer, SC area.
• Provide personal recommendations for reliable SUV’s that you’ve owned.
• Share this with someone who can make recommendations or offer a good deal on one.
• Donate a reliable SUV or give towards the purchase of one.

Unbeknownst to them, I am searching for a new mobile home for them to live in. They rent a small lot, and I currently pay the mortgage on their current home. Yet their home seems beyond the point of mere repair, rendering them upside down in that loan. I considered just repairing the mobile home, but I currently think that such a huge expense would be best put into a new home, not one worth less than they’re paying for it.

I hope to find a new or gently used single wide for $50,000 or less.

Ways You Might Help:
• Recommend an expert who can help me navigate the financial situation they’re in.
• Connect me with a trustworthy contact for new/used mobile homes near Greer, SC.
• Connect me with someone experienced in renovating mobile homes, for consideration.
• Share this with someone who can make recommendations or connect me with a contractor/seller.
Give towards the purchase of a new mobile home for them.

Thankfully, my grandparents have decent health insurance that has (mostly) covered their expenses during the three strokes, several hospital visits, and subsequent months of physical therapy. However, I am looking for ways to save them money on the necessary health items they must buy.

Ways You Might Help:
• Suggest affordable places to buy home care equipment, health products, and accessibility items.
• Connect me with local resources for the elderly or disabled in the Greer, SC area.
• Recommend resources on caring for stroke patients and other practical ways I could help.
• Share this with someone who can offer these recommendations or connections.
Give towards the purchase of healthcare necessities and bills.

To replace the car and home as I hope to do will cost upwards of $65,000 or more.

Living on a fixed income is hard enough for them. Paying out exorbitant medical bills on top of your normal expenses only makes it harder, so they are unable to replace or even repair these things on their own.

I have taken the expenses that I can presently afford to take: replacing/repairing items, their mortgage, and an upcoming car payment. As my income allows, I continue to replace items they need, repair things in their home, or buy groceries when I visit. I also hope to pay off their current outstanding debts along the way, freeing up their income for other use.

Ways You Might Help:
• If you are able to give anything toward these goals, the gift would be appreciated.
• If you know someone who can give toward these goals, or can offer substantive help in any of the above areas, the recommendation/connection would be greatly appreciated.
• Help me pray for these specific needs, as I navigate the financial issues and seek the best vehicle and home decisions along the way. They are my grandparents, and I want them to have a better quality of life, financial peace, and everything they need to live comfortably.

If you can help,

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I can be contacted at [email protected] or via online contact form here.